Shabbat Kodesh Parashat Nitzavim

We will read this week Parshat Nitzavim. This Parsha is always being read at the last Shabbat of the year. 

I have noticed an unusual repetition of one particular word, in both – last week’s Parsha, (Ki Tavo) and this week’s – Nitzavim. The word “Today”. It appears in different contexts more than in any Parshiot in the whole Torah.  There must be a reason! 

Many of us (me too!) like to try and address our own shortcomings, as we approach the new year (I don’t mean a diet, as per the civil new year…) Why is it that most of the things we take upon ourselves do not have a long “shelf life”, and do not last beyond Sukkot?

Perhaps, the unusual repetition of the word today is to teach us the importance of never postponing something of importance. And when we want to change something, we should do it today, not “next week”. 

With one exception:

When we get angry at a friend, spouse or child – and we then give free rein to our anger. Let’s postpone it for tomorrow. Very likely that by then we have already put it all in proportion and we have calmed down.

Shabbat Shalom and best regards 

Rabbi Chaim Michael Biberfeld