Adass Yisroel Berlin

Why “Kol Nidrei” ?
On the eve of Yom Kippur 5784 / 2023 We know that Kol Nidrei …

The Jewish Congregation Adass Yisroel in Berlin is the long-established Jewish community that was founded in 1869, in the spirit of neo-orthodoxy of Rabbi Esriel Hildesheimer זצוק”ל and Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch זצוק”ל. After the community was destroyed during the Nazi era, it resumed operations in 1986. Today it is the only Jewish religious public corporation with legal continuity in all of Germany. The center of the community with its synagogue and all facilities has been located in Berlin-Mitte, Tucholskystrasse 40, since 1904 until today.

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