Up until the Nazi era, the Jewish Congregation Adass Yisroel, Berlin (Public Corporation) had two congregation centres in the capital city: the first, which still exists today on Tucholskystrasse, was in Berlin’s Mitte district (on Artilleriestrasse as it was called then), and the second was located on Siegmundshof Strasse (also called simply »Siegmundshof«) in the Tiergarten district, on the banks of the river Spree, next to the Achenbach Bridge, just a few metres from the Wullenwerber Meadow, five minutes’ walk from the Tiergarten S-Bahn station. In a studio building, which was purchased and refitted by the Congregation, a primary school (Grundschule), a school for girls (Lyzeum), and a high school preparing pupils for further study at a university (Gymansium) were established in 1924 (jointly called the School Foundation of Adass Yisroel), as well as a second synagogue and other congregation facilities (administrative offices, a library, rabbinate offices). Although the synagogue escaped being burnt down and plundered in the Night of the Pogrom, synagogue services were nevertheless banned. Until 1942/43, services still took place sporadically in private homes. The schools were closed in 1938/39, but until 1941 a type of vocational training still took place in the school rooms. Afterwards, the Reich-Ministry of Aviation and the KPM (Royal Porcelain Manufacturers, which still exists today) took over the building.

The buildings and facilities of the Congregation survived the Nazi and war years, and although they were damaged, at the end of the war they remained standing on their original sites. In the 1950s, the congregation centre at Siegmundshof was sold by a reclamation company and subsequently demolished. There is no longer any sign testifying to the existence of a flourishing Jewish community. On September 9, 1985, on the 100th anniversary of the Kaiser’s authorisation of Adass Yisroel by the Prussian royalty, an hour of remembrance of took place here in the presence of the regional Mayor of Berlin-Tiergarten, Hans-Martin Quell, and other important persons, as well as Rabbi Pinchas Biberfeld (setzal), Rabbi David Weiss (setzal), Rabbi Ernst Stein, Chairman Ari A. Offenberg (setzal), and representatives of the Senate, amongst others. Then on June 25, 1986, in the presence of many representatives of public life and dignitaries, as well as congregation members and friends of Adass Yisroel from Germany and abroad, a memorial was erected at this place with the title »Always remember«. On Erew Rosch Haschaná (the evening before the Jewish new year) 5759, on September 17, 1998, a commemorative plaque in German, Hebrew and English was finally unveiled next to the memorial by the regional Mayor Jörn Jensen and the Congregation’s chairman Ari A. Offenberg (setzal), honouring the memory of the murdered congregation members, teachers and pupils, who once inhabited the centre at Siegmundshof.