Adass Yisroel in East Berlin (1985-1990)

In 1985, on both sides of the still-divided city, the first efforts were made to rekindle the Congregation. Since summer this year, Adass Yisroel has managed, under difficult circumstances, to restore its cemetery, which had previously lain to waste. This was made possible with the help of state funding and, more significantly, with the physical aid of volunteers from both east and west.

On December 18 1989, the 50th anniversary of the Nazi »Auflösungsverfügung« (decree of divestiture), which had dissolved the Congregation on a legal level, the first East German government after the fall of the Iron Curtain ordered the restoration of its rights to the Jewish Congregation (Adass Yisroel) in Berlin, which had been revoked during the Nazi regime. At last, the reconstruction of the Congregation could begin.