Adass Yisroel gives out press releases on given occasions and at irregular intervals publishes brochures and special publications. Below you will find extracts from brochures recently published by the Congregation, which you can also order from here. Please only use this order form in German do so. Telephone orders will not be accepted.

Special releases

Orderable brochures

Brochures will only be mailed after we have received a prepayment in the form of a bank transfer. All prices quoted here do not include mailing costs. The mailing costs are calculated according to the number of brochures and their packaging. Once we have received your order and the money is transferred to the Congregation’s bank account, we will send the brochures to you within three days. The package will be sent with the Deutsche Post AG. The mailing is not insured. The Jewish Congregation Adass Yisroel, Berlin (Public Corporation) takes no responsibility for any damage to the goods during transit.

Reading excerpts

Chanukkah BroschüreChanukkah Brochure Download
Malbuch für Kinder Colouring Book for KidsDownload
Pessach-Haggadah Broschüre Pessach-Haggadah BrochureDownload
Purim Broschüre Purim BrochureDownload
Shabbat Shalom Broschüre Shabbat Shalom BroschüreDownload
Sukkot Broschüre Sukkot BrochureDownload

Privacy Policy

Any information about the type, amount, address, and intention of the inquiry, processing, and usage of personal data required for the completion of orders or registration to the Adass Yisroel mailing list (via email) are subject to confidentiality and will not be made accessible or sold to an external third party.