Children’s Club

The children’s club (»Mo’adonit«) of Adass Yisroel has existed since 2001. It welcomes Adass Yisroel-children from the age of three months onwards. Since its opening, it has been very popular with the children of the Congregation. Here they can play group games, paint, and do handicrafts. They can also run around and play to their heart’s content in the large playroom, or outside in the protected second inner-courtyard if the weather is good. The many books, games, a large play-shop (child-Kolbo), dollhouses and toy kitchenware, cars and Indians, and a large pool filled with many coloured balls, are all very popular with the children. A large chest of wooden building blocks and thousands of Lego pieces delight the little builders as well as the bigger ones. The dozens and dozens of toys leave no room for boredom. Tournaments are often battled out at the foosball table. The table-tennis table guarantees huge amounts of fun in summer. Footballs are kicked at and into the goal enthusiastically in the inner-courtyard.

In good weather, a cubby house is put up in the inner-courtyard. The small fleet of doll’s prams, tricycles, scooters, and pedal cars are favourite toys amongst the children. The children also have the opportunity to refresh themselves in summer in a small swimming pool. Barbeques and group trips to places near and far are also arranged for the children. On the Shabbat and Jewish holidays, the girls and boys get the opportunity to learn and enjoy one another’s company. In the lead-up to Jewish holidays, learning days take place for the children, and the artworks which come out of these are proudly presented to the Congregation. The children’s club has enriched the life of the Congregation so much that would be hard to imagine the Congregation without it.