Community Center and Synagogue

The Community Center

After having been located on Gipsstrasse, the community center and synagogue were moved in 1904 to 31 Artilleriestrasse, where they still stand today.

The construction of the building at 31 Artilleriestrasse (today 40 Tucholskystrasse), which was designed by the architects Höniger and Sedelmeier, was financed by a generous donation from the patron Israel Kessler. In 1899 he donated the sum of 400,000 Marks. The second synagogue of Adass Yisroel has stood since 1924 on the street Siegmundshof, on the bank of the river Spree in Berlin’s Tiergarten district.

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The Synagogue of Adass Yisroel is consecrated once again

At the Feast of Purim on March 10, 1990, after 50 years of forced interruption, the Jewish Congregation Adass Yisroel opened its Synagogue once again in the historical location of 40 Tucholskystrasse. On the following day the first regular synagogue service took place.

In October 1869, the first Synagogue of Adass Yisroel was opened at 9a Spandauer Brücke in Berlin’s Mitte district. In 1955, the (West) Berlin Senate decided to have the synagogue of Adass Yisroel at 11 Siegmundshof razed to the ground.

The community center of Adass Yisroel, which was opened at 31 Artilleriestrasse in 1904, was closed in 1939 by the Gestapo. However, the synagogue survived the period from 1933 to 1945 and the Second World War without sustaining much damage. Around 60-70 percent of the synagogue’s structure withstood the bomb raids and the preceding Nazi terror. 22 years after the end of the war (in 1967), in a deliberate act of indifference and hostility, the synagogue was levelled by the East German government.