Purim – a special holiday for many reasons

Ta’anit Esther: Thursday, 25. February 2021 / 13 Adar 5781

Purim: Friday, 26. February 2021 / 14 Adar 5781

For most holidays we are used to celebrating an extra day when outside of Israel. Purim, however, is the only holiday which varies from city to city (within Israel). Depending on if the city was surrounded by a wall at the time of Joshua Bin Nun, like Jerusalem, Purim is celebrated one day later than in the rest of Israel or elsewhere.

Purim is also famous for its encouragement of drinking wine and indulging in delicious foods, until we cannot distinguish between good and evil, Mordechai and Haman.

Although we cannot congregate this year for our usual communal festivities, we nevertheless hope you will share the joy of the month of Adar and Purim with us and we wish you Purim Sameach!