The five faces of Shavuot

When we think of Shavuot, often the first thing we hear about is cheesecake. And all the other delicious dairy goods we celebrate with.

However, Shavuot is not just the festival of dairy. In fact, it has five different names that each encapsulate a unique element of this joyous holiday.
• Zman Matan Torah – the time we were given the Torah
• Chag HaBikkurim – the festival of the first fruits
• Chag HaKatzir – the festival of the harvest
• Atzeret – Conclusion; we culminate counting the Omer for 49 days
• Chag HaShavuot – the festival of weeks

In just two days of Chag (or one day in Israel) we have the privilege and opportunity to celebrate five different festival meanings at the same time and have many ways to incorporate each meaning into the festivities.

So whether you prefer to try all the fresh first fruits we eat on Shavuot or you’re looking forward to a night of learning, Tikkun Leil, Shavuot gives us the opportunity to connect with the Torah and our traditions in many meaningful ways.

Adass Yisroel Berlin wishes all members, friends and Klal Israel

Chag Shavuot Sameach