The old-new Community-Centre of the Adass Yisroel – Congratulations!

Just in time for the start of the festival of Pessach, the works for the façade of the community building of the Israelitische Synagogengemeinde “Adass Jisroel” K.d.ö.R. have been completed. 

The work on the first construction phase of the façade of the community centre of the Jewish Community Adass Yisroel at Tucholsky St. 40 in Berlin-Mitte ended with a particularly spectacular event: The wrought-iron railing, which is a replica of the historical railing, was lifted with a large crane and fastened to the restored balcony on the 2nd floor on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 / 5 Nissan 5782.

This completes the restoration of the façade on Tucholsky St.  and removes an eyesore in the façade-landscape of the Tucholskystrasse (the former Artillerie St.) between Auguststrasse and Linienstrasse, which had already been renovated years ago.

In close cooperation with the Berlin Monument Preservation Authority, the original façade of the architects Hoeniger & Sedelmeier from 1904 was carefully restored and now shines in new splendour: entirely handcrafted, natural materials, transparency of materials, which wonderfully accentuate the design of the early Art Nouveau and are lively down to every single element. The strongly detailed façade has underlined the splendour of those years and the importance of this Community, which exists  for more than 150 years, and now highlights it again. The new railing with foliage wreaths, festoons, entwined with rose tendrils, delicate and elegant, despite its weight, in the historical colour scheme corresponds to this rich canon of forms and enhances the effect of the total work of art.

Our Community Centre has just received third place from “Stadtbild eV” in the nationwide election for the Building of the Year, a great joy for our Community, the architect Mr Christian Dierkes, the Berlin Monument Preservation Authority, the involved construction companies, consultants and all helpers.

Special thanks go to the District Office Mitte, which was able to acquire funding of more than one million euros for the renovation project and has closely accompanied the project. Due to the corona pandemic, the intensive manual work and the lack of craftspeople, the work took more time than estimated, but now the façade shines again and strengthens the hope that another 150 years of lively Jewish community activity of the Adass Yisroel is possible in the city of Berlin.

We wish all our members and friends, from near and far, a happy and kosher Pessach!